Craftsmanship & Integrity

“We build forward”

Here’s what it means:

We are always looking to design truly unique features by thinking forward. We do not look at what other people are doing in their yard and copy it, we want to innovate in design and procedure and set the trends rather than react to them.

We are looking for new innovative products all the time and we have had quite a few “first installs”. In fact we installed the first residential permeable paver driveway in Minnesota back in 2005 and last year were the first to try out products like Rosetta Outcropping and Techo Bloc in this market

    We use new cutting edge equipment and techniques like composite Isoterram Mats to protect our client’s yards from skid damage and we have been using a Phantom Drone to capture photos and videos of our projects like never before to deliver stunning before and after photos to our clients.

“Be ahead of the curve”  we were one of the first companies to employ 3D CAD software to Hardscape design and have been doing it longer than the other guys.

Our projects have been featured in newspapers across the country, we have had two major industry magazines feature us on the cover and the reason is we are always building forward.



Paul Devine is the owner/operator of Devine Design Hardscapes and has been in the industry since 2001. He worked for a company that did general landscaping while studying Law. He continued learning about his own talents and quickly discovered that he had a knack for design, loved to be outdoors and had an entrepreneurial spirit that led him to start his own business in the hardscape industry.

Paul travels in the off season doing retaining wall and paver installation seminars for a major hardscape manufacturer. He presents proper installation techniques and offers ICPI and NCMA certification courses.

Devine Design Hardscapes gets 5 stars from me!!! Excellent work, very friendly, honest, and reliable!

-Mikayla Strain